Roster Management System

The Roster Management system (RMS) is a web-native, user-friendly system for generating and proactively managing staff schedules quickly and efficiently, while allowing active participation from all employees in the process - executives, directors, managers, coordinators, and staff employees. Self-scheduling and availability (shifts an employee is available to work) are only two of the many capabilities RMS offers. The system is comprehensive and encompasses different approaches and philosophies for scheduling staff as well as associated constraints affecting staff scheduling. The system also includes warnings and notices to avoid or prevent conflictive/prohibited scheduling situations.

Planmatics has also developed complementary systems to support the entire spectrum of workforce management for the postal, healthcare and other industries. For example, Planmatics has developed predictive models for anticipating labor demand, developed modules to manage non-operational time (e.g. training periods), developed modules for interfacing with human resources, time and attendance, and payroll systems (hence minimizing data entry, enhancing data integrity, and minimizing redundancies.), etc.

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