Postal Consulting

Postal organizations worldwide are faced with many challenges due to declining volumes and competitive rates. The need for conducting operations in an efficient and optimized manner is growing by the day. Process improvement consulting and the use of optimization software applications can help postal organizations achieve their most important goals.

With over 20 years of experience in the Postal Industry, Planmatics is dedicated in its entire existence to Postal Consulting. The staff at Planmatics has Postal Consultancy backgrounds stretching for up to 10 additional years. Our systems for sorting center workforce improvement, volume forecasting using modern empirical techniques and productivity benchmarking across operating units within a postal organization have been selected for and deployed in the US Post Office and German Post Office environments. These are all COTS products that evolved from our various consultancies independent of software applications.

Our consultancy approach consists of in depth interviews, focus groups, process mapping, requirements engineering, nation-wide surveys and smaller scale surveys, and when so indicated, development of software applications. Our mechanization justification application is one of the simplest but used very often to analyze the worth (ROI) of automation within a letter or parcel sorting center, preceding its introduction. We have applied it over and over again to shorten the length of our consultancy cycle. Our other applications were also born that way.

The underpinning of our consultancy is the initial investigation supported by meetings, surveys, and process maps of workflow. We use both a T&M approach to costing our work and a fixed price approach depending on the preference of the department we are consulting for within the US or German postal organizations.

The specific areas on which our consultancies have been supported by software that has since become of COTS maturity are:

The development of these products required extensive research to be performed. Through the course of these research efforts, Planmatics has developed a deep understanding of the various aspects of Postal sorting and distribution.

Our experience in surveys and focus groups in a postal context are also worth noting. One is when we helped the USPS select POS terminals at Post Offices to replace those in place. We conducted focus groups, interviews and surveys of over 5,000 managers to help the selection process. There were also ergonomic analyses of existing terminals supported by experienced ergonomists and video clips. Planmatics has also developed a Value-Added Performance Assessment Approach - LDC 17