Outsourcing and On-Site Support

Outsourcing can help organizations realize various benefits like Quality improvement and risk management. Depending on external sources for providing on-site support for the day to day administrative and general management services helps an organization focus on its core business. An organization can also enhance its expertise and knowledge by outsourcing personnel for more specialized tasks.

Planmatics has a successful track record of acquiring, managing, and providing on-site support to clients for both short-term and long-term projects. The experienced management staff at Planmatics ensures that all contractual matters are timely addressed and that the service quality is maintained through the life cycle of the contract.

For acquiring resources, Planmatics uses its experienced staff to develop the necessary profile, gather candidates from difference pools (in-house, universities, agencies, web-based entities, etc.) and employ assessment approaches to efficiently arrive to a set of candidates that meet and exceed requirements.

Planmatics has provided on-site support for both short term and long term projects. There are a number of short term on-site data collection and system analysis efforts Planmatics has completed for different organizations. One of the most sophisticated ones was a 16 week effort requiring 15 on-site resources for deploying a staff planning software system at United States Sorting Centers across the country. Regarding long-term projects, Planmatics has provided on-site support to the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) of DOL for over 13 years. The resources deployed supported IT Capital Planning and Enterprise Architecture Functions at ETA. Over the course of this contract, Planmatics outstandingly managed the provisioning of the right resources in a timely fashion to the complete satisfaction of the ETA's technical representatives.