Other Decision Support Systems

Planmatics has performed and delivered successfully in many other areas that demand decision support systems or similar solutions. If you are faced with a challenge of allocation or management of resources, we are the right company to be approached. We will listen to your problems, analyze the situation and devise the best possible solutions. On numerous occassions in the past, clients who have approached us have left with a smile on their faces. Some examples of our client specific decision support systems include:

  • Project Tracking system
  • The project tracking system is a web-enabled system utilized to report and share information associated with the progress of a large number of projects in an organization. The system requirement was initially developed for a material handling engineering group of a large delivery services organization. The group is responsible for acquiring and deploying material handling systems for centers across the country. Operational divisions in charge of these centers are among the clients of the group. The system provides an easy to use graphical user interface for technical managers to report the status of the project and to make decisions regarding training, budget, transition to operations, changes to configurations, etc using multiple pre-defined descriptors. Also, the system allows both headquarters and the operational divisions various levels of access to the information in the form of multiple reports. Security and accessibility are integral to the system.

  • Request processing systems

  • Supplimentary Staff scheduling systems

  • Ranking systems

  • Credential Management systems

  • Rules Engines systems

  • Cost Based decision support systems