IT Support Services

In today's IT driven environment, customers, users, citizens and stakeholders expect at the minimum, ceaseless high-quality services. The implications of these expectations are the availability of services any time and anywhere, minimized or eliminated wait times, information availability at the fingertips, fully secured data, complete transparency, and embedded intuitiveness. Planmatics completely understands the challenges of meeting the demands associated with such expectations.

This understanding comes from the fact that Planmatics has produced several Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions. The high value generated by Planmatics' COTS has been made possible by flawless implementation and support. Also this understanding comes from Planmatics' experience supporting the entire life cycle of information systems for tools at federal, semi-federal, and private organizations.

Planmatics provides a wide spectrum of IT services. We have the necessary expertise to provide the complete package when it comes to support and maintenance of IT environments.


Planmatics can host all hardware, software and physical space in accordance with the client security requirement. We will provide 24/7 web hosting through Planmatics' third party remote data center, which is located in Baltimore, MD. Backups will also be provided as necessary. Daily Backups are a standard, but the client can wish to suggest their own frequency. The daily back up process will be automated and will require minimal monitoring. Once every month, the data will be automatically duplicated at Planmatics' office located in Rockville, MD.


Planmatics has standardized maintenance procedures to ensure smooth functioning of the software tools and applications. In most cases, we will set up the necessary OS and database server software so that automatic updates are accepted and installed. In some instances, customers can decline automatic updates/patches at the moment of release. Planmatics installs these updates/patches at a later time when customers request them.


Every time Planmatics provides an application, we ensure that it is designed to be seamlessly integrated into any HR, payroll or other systems that already exist in the client's organization. The entire task of integration is also handled by our team.

System Architecture

Planmatics can develop system architectures that demand easily scalable systems capable of responding to an increase in users and, subsequently, an increase in demand for computational power. Planmatics has previously implemented multi-tier, low-cost systems which successfully meet all of the client requirements.

Technical Support

Planmatics has a highly responsive customer support team with a proven record of immaculate service to many customers, both federal and private, around the world. The customer support team also provides regular updates to clients. Planmatics will ensure that its support team is accessible from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday. As an option, Planmatics offers additional support hours if necessary. The support team will provide customer support via phone and/or email communication.


Our migration services include systems and application migrations as well as data migration. Our systems migration services include training, data conversion and transfer, on going support and overall project management to ensure a successful migration. We can provide data migration between databases as well as disparate systems. We have built application specific interfaces to extract and import data between different systems.